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The Meat Mafia Collective’s Mission is simple

Help people get a better understanding of meat and food and how best to cook it through simple to understand recipes, on line video/tutorial and real word-classes

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Meats cooked to perfection – Always

New Zealand Owned and Established 2019

Our Story

I’m Noel Hassapladakis. Let’s start with my heritage. Greek, Egyptian, French and Lebanese on my father’s side and Italian, American and Phillipino on my mother’s side. Phew. That is definitely a mouthful and a colourful mix. You may be thinking “Why does this matter?” Well, it’s simple. Some of the greatest food I have ever eaten was cooked by people in my family. We are a family of foodies that doesn’t stay in their lane. We like to try new things, experiment and work out better ways to elevate food, whatever way it is cooked. So, with that in mind I have been passionate about meat and great food from an early age and I try to get my kids, Leon 14, and Zoe 10, involved in cooking, but more importantly eating everything from everywhere!!

My Dad and Mum are a huge inspiration to me:

My Dad, because he taught me to cook over Charcoal from a very early age. I spent hours standing next to him while he was grilling the Souvlaki. When we went and visited family in Greece, we would often sit around an open fire and turn the spit manually for 6 – 7 hours until the lamb or pig was cooked.

My Mum, because she is quite simply an amazing cook. The inspiration comes from me not really remembering too many duplicate meals. You know like the Thursday night bolognaise night or the beans on toast with cheese night week in and week out. Nothing wrong with those meals but my Mum seemed to cook a huge variety of food with fresh ingredients using great meats and vegetable produce. She also always used to feed everyone who came over to the house, even if they had just eaten. This is a trait that many Europeans have. I have still got this trait today, despite having lived in NZ for nearly 20 years!!

About 6 years ago, I was introduced to American BBQ. This became somewhat of an obsession. I entered the world of competitive BBQ for 1.5 years and had some success in that arena.  But this wasn’t where my passion lay……

A dream of mine has been to pour everything I know about food into something that people can access easily, whether you are a total novice that wants to improve your cooking generally, or you are experienced and looking to level up in certain areas. This how the concept of the Meat Mafia Collective was born.

The Meat Mafia Collective is a place to join a group of like-minded bunch of foodies. If you are or aspire to be an entertainer, love seeing people enjoy themselves, aspire to or love to cook great food and hopefully inspire others to eat it and cook for themselves as well, then you should absolutely join the collective……..

High Quality Recipies, Expert Tutorials, Real World Classes and lots more….

Our Mission

The Meat Mafia Collective’s Mission is simple: Help people get a better understanding of meat and food and how best to cook it through simple to understand recipes, on line video/tutorial and real word-classes”.

If you want to learn how to improve your cooking, be inspired by weekly recipes that are easy to follow, cook American BBQ, sear the perfect steak, making the perfect pasta or develop great pizza dough, you may have just found your spiritual meat and food home…

Our Vision

Our Vision is simple:  Create a community of like minded individuals  who are passionate about food and that want to improve their knowledge and cooking skills, by creating engaging, easy to follow digital content that will fast track our members cooking capability.

Our Values

Be Agnostic – We will always give you an honest opinion about a product or service. 

Give good advice – We will always give you the same advice that we would give to a good friend of family member.  Integrity is everything

Disrupt – We always look forward way to improve recipes and method to make it easier for you to get better results 

Have fun – Cooking for us in a escape. an opportunity to have fun and learn!

Our Process

We spend a huge amount of time reasearching the latest methods and trends in the meat world.  We attend Masterclasses, work with farmers to develop new products, develop new recipes and generally do all the hard work and makes the mistakes so that you don’t have to

What are people saying about The Collective?


“Five Stars!”

Great tips and great page content, the best page worldwide for BBQ!

Tim D

Absolutely everything excellent cooking methods and just all round farkn friendly

Les A

Noel is incredibly passionate about quality bbq. Need to learn some skills? You will be the neighbourhood bbq master in no time at all
Adam W

I had the opportunity to attend the inaugural MMC Masterclass and believe me it did not disappoint. The food was amazing and Noel’s BBQ knowledge and expertise is mind-blowing. As a complete charcoal BBQ novice, the MMC is a great place to get tips, advice, and inspiration. Highly recommended and will definitely be attending another Masterclass
Mikey L

Hey Noel, just wanted to say thanks for the wisdom. Did a small (2.5kg) brisket on NYE. Only my second one; first one was an epic fail, but I found your method and used it for the second one which came out amazing. I really appreciate all the advice and recipes/tips/demos you put up in the group; it’s really helpful for us newbies trying to find our way!  Cheers mate
Tim D

Meat Mafia provides interesting and informative information on food and cooking techniques
Wendy AS

I had the pleasure of having pulled pork butt and pulled beef burgers as well as trying a couple ribs and brisket, they were all outstanding!!! 10/10 and would highly recommend Noel, has has a passion for BBQ and this really shows through his food!
Sian BC

Great collection of knowledge an references
Simon B