Got Questions?

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.  

What does the Meat Mafia Collective Membership involve?

Think of it as a digital recipe and methods book. If you already follow us, it will have a collection of all your favourite recipes and methods in one place from day one, with some extra recipes you have not seen.  From there, we will release a new recipe every week.  That is 52 recipes a year and you will have access to all of them for as long as you are subscribed.  

In time, we will be releasing more video content and step by step guides for you to follow.  

Why didn’t you publish a recipe book?

This is a great question.  We did a lot of research in to how people use recipe books and from our survey, we discovered that most people cook 3 or 4 recipes from their new recipe book, then it sits on the shelf gathering dust.  We wanted to make sure that the content was dynamic, new recipes being released for you to try and a collection of these recipes accessible from wherever you are at any time.  We know you will get far more value out of this platform than a book.

Is there a minimum sign-up period?

No there isn’t although one full month is the minimum charge for this service. you can cancel or pause at any time, but we don’t think you will want to!

Can I cancel then re-join from membership?

You will always have full control of your membership – If you don’t pause or cancel your membership, you will automatically be charged once your billing period rolls over.

Are the recipes easy to follow and execute?

The recipes and methods have been designed with the total novice in mind.  Easy to follow and you will be on the road to being a meat aficionado in no time.  

You are using some amazing products on your site. Where can I get them from?

Click on the Partners tab on our website.  Our partners and sponsors are listed there and you will be able to buy everything you need from them.  

Is the membership only focussed on American Barbecue and Wood fired cooking recipes?

No!  There are so many ways to cook meat.  Barbecue is at the core of what we do, but we will share recipes cooked on the stove, in the over, over fire, deep fried, shallow fried, you names it.  The Meat Mafia Collective is the home of all things meat, cooked all ways!

Can I print the recipes?

Definitely. Each recipe will have a print-friendly version.

Can I pay the membership annually?

Yes.  You will receive two months free if you pay for your membership for a year in advance.

What information do you store on me and where is my credit card information stored?

We only keep information for promotional feedback to improve our own processes.  Your financial information is stored by Stripe and you can view their policies here: https://stripe.com/en-nz/privacy

Can I gift a Meat Mafia Collective membership?

You definitely can.  Just fill in their details instead of your own when you subscribe.  You can also run more than one subscription on one payment method.

Any more questions?

Hit the Contact tab on the website or send us a message on the “Meat Mafia Collective”. Facebook page.  We are always here to help you.