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Becoming a member of the Meat Mafia Collective will ensure that you reap the rewards of years of research, recipe development and all the setbacks made by someone else!

We want to fast track your success when cooking meat.

Our recipes and step by step methods have been designed in a way that, if you stick to the process, you will be nailing cooks across a range of different styles much sooner than you think!

We have three different ways to subscribe:  Monthly & Yearly give you access to all the recipes and techniques that we’ve collated for you.

Our VIP option fits those of you looking for a more personalised Meat Mafia Collective experience and includes masterclasses, at home experiences and access to shows like Meatstock or discounts at fantastic restaurants and suppliers.

Think of the Meat Mafia Collective as your digital cookbook that will continue to grow as we release a new recipe every 2 weeks.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to explore our membership plans and take advantage of our launch pricing!

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Access to our existing library of delicious recipes and methods that are sure to impress your friends and family.
A new recipe to try 2 weekly along with ingredients list so you know what to shop for.
COMING SOON: Video Tutorials covering all ways to cook meat in the kitchen, grilling, open fire and American style barbecue to name a few….
$1 per month per subscription donated to the Movember Charity focussing on Men’s Health including Mental Heath, Suicide and Prostrate/Testicular Cancer
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